Monday, June 8, 2009

6 months old!!!

Leyton turned 6 months old today! Yes, he is half way to a year... I get a little sad thinking about it!! I will have to download some recent pics later, because he is wanting my full attention at the moment. So, what is Leyton up to now? Busy, busy, busy!!!! He is doing a great job at sitting up on his own, but we can only hold it for a little bit then we get excited and falls to his side. One of my books said he probably would not be too sturdy before 7 months, but he is doing great!! He is so curious, he looks around all the time and cannot stand to be in one place for too long. This child loves loves loves to be outside! Whenever he is fussy, just take him outside for a few minutes and he is good to go! We have been feeding him his dinner outside like a picnic cause he loves it so much! He is getting to the point where he is getting frustrated because he cannot crawl. He will see a toy in front of him, and he reaches to pick it up. But if it is not within his reach, he gets angry and grunts. And i dont know how he is moving, but he is! I layed him on his play mat the other day and i turned around and he was under our table!!! He is sitting like a big boy in his high chair now, and he loves to watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the morning while he is eating breakfast. We have tried all the veggies and fruits now. His favorite of all foods is bananas.

Leyton continues to make new sounds all of the time. He blows his lips, clicks his tongue, and yells all the time. I gave him a sippy cup the other day for the first time ( it was empty) and he put it straight to his mouth. Now, I know that he has no idea how to drink from a sippy cup, but he at least put it to his mouth. Of course, everything is going straight to his mouth these days! And my favorite thing he is doing now, is loving on everyone! He will get those little hands and grab my face and pull it up to his and just love on you!!! It melts my heart!!!!

Leyton loves dogs! Every time a dog walks by he dives for it. He just loves them!! I am glad, too. He can jump so high in his jumparoo now, and it is fun to watch. Also, he loves to sit at the computer with me whenever i am on it. Whenever we go out to eat now, clear the table because he will if you dont!!! We are definitely still teething. I see 2 little bumps on his bottom gums, so we are working on some teeth. The dr said he would probably get some at 6 or 7 months. Leyton continues to be so happy all of the time and we love that! He is such a joy!!! We love him so much and cannot wait to see what he can do this month. He amazes us every day!

We go to the doctor next week for our shots, so i will let you know the stats after our visit!!!

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