Monday, May 25, 2009

Our first swim!!!

We had a fun (and busy) weekend this Memorial Day weekend! Thornton and I went to a wedding in Oxford this weekend and had so much fun! We got back on Sunday afternoon. Today (Memorial Day), we had a great day together as a family! Thornton and I worked in the yard for a bit, and then we took Leyton over to the Marley's for his first swim and crawfish! Leyton looked so adorable in the swimsuit that his GG gave him!!! I was worried that the water might be a little too cold for him, but he liked it!

Riding on the golf cart... how cute does he look!
Swimming with Daddy

In his little float

Checking out the water... he just stared at it!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Leyton and Toosie

When we first brought Leyton home from the hospital, I could tell Tootsie (our precious shih-tzu) was going to have a hard time adjusting to life with a baby. After all, she was used to having all of our attention on her at all times. She ruled this house! The minute we came home with Leyton, Tootsie would not come near me or Thornton. She was so mad at us. But now, she has definitely taken a liking to Mr. Leyton. In fact, she wants to give him kisses all day and plays on his mat with him. And Leyton definitely likes Tootsie. Every time she walks by, he dives for her! He pulls her tail, pulls her ears, anything he can get his hands on. Whenever she jumps or barks, he just dies out laughing! It is the funniest thing to watch.

Whenever I am on the floor playing with Leyton, Tootsie comes up and tries to play too. She jumps for any toy we are playing with at the time, and takes it away! Here are some pics of them in action this morning.

Tootsie coming to take the toys...
She got the toy.

Leyton did not seem to care
Leyton has been doing so good trying to sit up. Obviously, he still needs some sort of support, but he is doing so good! He pulls himself to a sitting position in his car seat, swing, and bouncy. This was him one morning this week while I was getting dressed. He is getting too big too fast!!!

Reclined in his bouncy seat

I turned around and he was sitting up grabbing at his feet. He did have both hands on his feet, but moved before I could take the pic. We love our feet!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

5 Months Old!!!

I cannot believe that Leyton turned 5 months old on Friday! He is just growing way too fast!!! The months are just flying by these days. Leyton is doing so many new little things now. For instance, he has definitely found his little voice, and he loves to hear it these days! He does this "fake cough" sound over and over and then just laughs at himself. He is laughing out loud a lot now. The things Thornton and I do now to hear that little laugh..... But it just makes our day to hear it. He is still rolling over a lot, and he is even trying to sit up on his own now. When we are doing tummy time, he is getting his little rear end up in the air and getting up on his knees. Scary!!!! He is still sleeping strong, and we are even getting better at eating with a spoon. We are not eating that much, but that is okay since he is not 6 months old yet. We have tried bananas, pears and squash so far. Going to try the sweet potatoes this week!!!

I had my first Mother's Day as a new mom today, and it was wonderful! I was reminded today in church what an important job being a mother is, and I am very blessed to have this job! God has entrusted me to raise one of His children, and that is the most special gift!!!!

He loves to hear his own voice these days!!!
Playing in our exersaucer!!

Eating our squash... it is best that he eats in just his diaper because we sure make a mess
with vegetables!

At the club for my first Mother's Day as a mom

Sitting up! (with a little help)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother - Son Weekend

Thornton left to go on his FINAL turkey hunting trip on Friday, so me and the little man have had a lot of quality time this weekend. DD came over to play today, and she had Leyton laughing so hard all day! They just played and played. Leyton spent the night with Sweetie and Redbone on Saturday night and had so much while Mama enjoyed a night out and got to sleep late today. It was so nice of them, and I really appreciated it!!

As far as the cereal eating, he likes bananas, but we are still not big fans of the cereal. But it is getting better!!!

Leyton, Aunt DD and Tootsie playing
DD had Leyton laughing so hard!

I came in the den and saw Leyton like this... up to no good!

Eating his bananas and cereal Saturday morning!