Tuesday, July 14, 2009

7 Months Old

Where is the time going???!!!! My little man turned 7 months old last Wednesday!!! He is just growing and changing so much each day now. Someone told me that from now on he will amaze me every single day doing new things, and they were right!! It seems like every day he is doing something new. So, what is Leyton doing??? He is trying so hard to crawl! Everyone has told me that boys are a little slower at stuff like this than girls, but he sure is trying. He can turn all the way around in a circle and he can "scoot" backwards. It is so funny to watch him because he starts to grunt when he gets mad that he is not moving forward. Even though he is not crawling yet, he is into EVERYTHING that he can get his hands on!! Take tonight for example...... i was getting his dinner ready. I had warmed up some squash and sweet peas and put them on the counter while i loaded him into his bumbo seat (he usually eats in his high chair, but i was trying to cook at the same time). When i picked him up to put him in the seat, he reached behind me on the counter and grabbed the whole bowl of peas and threw it on the ground!!!!! I could not get mad because it was funny...i just fixed him some green beans instead.

Leyton LOVES bath time right now too. He can now pick up his little bath toys and play with them while he kicks and splashes in the tub. Leyton is still a wonderful sleeperz is babbling up a storm, and sitting up great! Sorry to ramble, but i just cant get enough of him! Here are a few pics that I took tonight. Enjoy!!!

Oh!!! I never posted Leyton's 6 month pictures that we had taken. They were PRECIOUS!!! I will try to get a few put on the blog... AND, i have tried and tried to get a pic of his precious little teeth, but he will not let me! He smiles so big all the time and shows them, but when i try to get a pic of them, he wont let me... it's like he knows what i am doing!!

This was at dinner last night.... DD took this pic before we went riding on
the golf cart.

Leyton playing with his lady bug... he LOVES his toys!

Okay. This is Leyton holding his sippy cup. He drinks his water out
of his cup, but he really just likes to bit on the sippy part!
I really think he is going to bite through it one day soon.

Swinging in the back yard!

The sun was a little bright, so he is squinting in these.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family Beach Trip!

Leyton went on his first trip to the beach!! The Marleys treated the whole family to a trip to Destin last week. We had a blast!!! Pfeifer came in from New York, Tony Clay brought his friend Kaylen, and Joyce (our good friend and babysitter) all came too! We stayed in a great condo, and ate great every day! The Back Porch was really close, so we walked there a couple of days for lunch and then got sushi one day and ate it on the beach. The first night we got there, we went and ate at the new Harry T's. The second night we went to the Village at Baytowne Wharf. We had drinks at the Famous Door and then ate dinner at Poppy's (where i used to work) and it was so good!! The next night, we decided to take it easy and go to the movies to see The Hangover. If any of you have not seen it yet, you have to go see it! It was so so funny! Our last night there, we went to eat at The Red Bar in Grayton Beach. Hands down, best meal ever!

Leyton did not care too much for the beach the first day that we took him down there. It was super hot that day, and he did not care for the sand or the ocean! But, he did LOVE the pool! The pool had a waterfall over some rocks, and he just sat in his float and stared at the waterfall in amazement. He strolled every day and got out a lot. He also went with us to the Back Porch for lunch one day. By the last night, he warmed up to the beach. He just watched the waves.

We had a wonderful vacation and I did not want to come home!! Thanks again to the Marley's for a wonderful week!!

Me and my hubby our first night there.. we had a wonderful view!
Tony Clay, Kaylen, Pfeifer, me and Thornton at Harry T's

As you can see, Leyton didnt care much for the beach the first day.
A wave came crashing down as soon as i put his feet in the water...

The family on the beach

Thornton and Leyton hanging out under the umbrella.

Dipping his feet in the pool

Chillin in his float at the pool

Having so much fun!!

Leyton and me at the Back Porch

Our family attempting to get a pic the last night on the beach