Monday, November 23, 2009

Prayers for Jason

As most of you know, the past week and been a hard week for the Graeber family. Jason Graeber had sinus infection symptoms starting last Friday. By Sunday, his vision was blurred and his equilibrium off. After going to the doctor on Tuesday, the doctor noticed that one of his eyes was dilated, so she sent him to the ER to have an MRI done. The MRI revealed a mass in Jason's brain. So, they immediated transfered him to Tulane in New Orleans. After several MRI's, bone scans, CT scans, blood tests, etc., we still have dont know what the diagnosis is. All of Jason's films and tests have been sent all around to several neurosurgeons, and they are all calling us back with their opinions. They all seem to agree that this could possibly be just an infection, but that it too could be a tumor. So, Jason is soon going to Houston, TX to the doctors at MD Anderson for the best possible care to find out what is going on and get the best treatment possible. I know that thousands of people all over are praying for Jason, and he already feels all these prayers! He is in great spirits, and he has a faith in our God that cannot be shaken. Karem is a strong and loving wife to Jason, and she is there to fight with him the entire way through this journey. Please keep the prayers coming for Jason and the Graeber family as they start on this journey of the unknown. God is good all of the time!!!!!!

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