Thursday, October 8, 2009

10 Months

Well, another month has passed by! My baby is 10 months old today. I don't have a ton to report over the last month. Teething has definitely kicked up a notch over the last few weeks. We are cutting 4 teeth right now. I don't have another child for comparison, but everyone tells me that this teething business can get pretty rough at times. I have to say this little boy has not missed a beat during teething, so far! He has been his normal, happy and busy little self. The only way that I can tell he is cutting a tooth is the constant knawing on EVERYTHING and the tons and tons of drool!!! It has not effected his sleeping or eating, so far so good!!

I have a feeling we will not be eating baby food much longer. He is at the stage where he wants to feed himself. He LOVES the Gerber puffs!! He is great at feeding himself with those. And now, when I am feeding him baby food, he tries to grab the spoon and put it in his mouth himself. So, I guess I will have to get better about cooking dinner here soon!!!

Leyton is so so so busy these days! He does not want to be held much. He wants to go go go ALL the time! He literally tries to jump out of my arms at times. I must say that I am surprised we dont have brain damage. I am so glad their little heads are so hard! He somehow got out of his stroller the other day and landed on the ground. We were shopping and I turned my back for 2 seconds and then I heard him crying and he is on the floor!! Of course, I started crying thinking the worst, but he was back happy a minute later. He hits his head on everything, and has even slipped and landed face first on the hardwood floors many times. His little lip was swollen the last time he slipped!

Other than pulling up and "cruising" around his toys, I guess that is really all that I have to report this month. He still "talks" a ton too!! We are taking him to the Grove for the first time this weekend to cheer on the Rebels against Alabama, so I am sure we will have tons of pics to post when we get home. And Halloween is just around the corner! He is going to be a little lion cub and I cant wait!!!

Ready for Halloween with our pumpkin pjs!!!

Whenever he sees me with the camera, he immediately
starts grinning and crawling toward me!
I hardly have time to take a picture!!

He loves to look through his books

Eating in my new big boy booster seat
at Nana's house

Holding his own bottle. He is showing off in this
pic holding it with one hand.

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  1. Madelyn, he is so stinkin cute. Only 2 more months to go. That's so hard to believe! I think you have an Ella on your hands. She was the same way. Just wait unitl he gets his first shiner :) Talk to you soon. Take care.