Sunday, February 1, 2009

First Weeks at Home

We have had so much fun with Leyton over the first month. We have had so many visitors, and the grandparents just love to come and play with him. Leyton really has been the best baby we could ever ask for. He has not gotten collick or diaper rash or anything like that, so we are very thankful! He is just so happy all of the time!! And Tootsie has finally warmed up to him. She was used to being the only baby in the house, and it was a little shock for someone else to come in! But she just loves him to death now. Whenever he is playing on his mat she will just go up and give him love and sit with him as he plays.

Leyton and GiGi

Leyton and Sweetie

Daddy could not resist putting these camo boots on Leyton

My first stroll!

Leyton and Daddy sleeping so hard

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