Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stomach Virus...

Okay. So this past weekend was going good. Until Sunday.... I got up and went to Sunday School, and Thornton got Leyton dressed and brought him to church. After church was over, we went home and Thornton said he did not feel well. About an hour later, we soon figured out he had the stomach virus. I told him to stay in our bedroom, and I would stay with Leyton on the other side of the house. After about 2 hours, I started to feel funny. Not wanting to take any chances, I called Cheri and asked her to come get Leyton. And good thing I did! Not an hour after they left, I got it. Sweetie and Redbone kept Leyton on Sunday night, and Gigi and Pop kept him Monday night and are keeping him again tonight just to make sure we have it all out of our system. Thank goodness for our wonderful parents who help us so much!!!! THANK YOU!!! My good friend and babysitter, Joyce, came over today to help me sterilize the house before Leyton comes home in the morning. He is just so little, we don't want to risk him getting the virus. Hopefully it is all over though!!!!

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  1. oh wow..what a weekend! hope you are all feeling better...Leyton is precious!