Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

We had a wonderful Valentine's Weekend! Friday night, my grandmother came to town, and we went to eat with my mom and Skip and my grandmother. We took Leyton to Ramon's with us, and he did so well. My Nana was so glad to see him! Saturday morning, we got up and went to eat breakfast at my mom's house, and let Nana play with Leyton a little more before she went back home. My sweet husband surprised me with a dozen beautiful orange roses and a card for Valentine's Day and our anniversary. 2 years!!! Saturday afternoon, we packed Leyton up and took him to his Sweetie's house so he could stay with Sweetie and Mimi (Thornton's grandmother) Saturday night. They were nice enough to keep him so we could have a night out! Thornton and I went over to Oxford for the night. We met up with Wynne and Jessica that afternoon and walked on the Square. Jessica and I went shopping while the boys watched tv at the Burgandy Room. It was a wonderful day. It is always fun to get to catch up with Jessica since I hardly ever get to see her anymore. Saturday night we went out to eat with our good friends Abby and Graydon at Waltz on the Square. It was so much fun! We had a great dinner and lots of laughs! It was such a fun night!!!

Graydon, Abby, me and Thornton at Waltz

Carlyle, me, Jessica, Amber, Claudette and Rebecca at Waltz

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