Sunday, March 8, 2009

3 Months Old!!!

Leyton is 3 months old today!!!! Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital, yet I dont even remember what it was like before he was here. Leyton's little personality is just showing so much now! He just babbles all the time and laughs out loud a lot now. Here is what he is doing now:

-He is rolling from his back to his side and back to his back. He has not made it all the way to his stomach, but he sure is trying!
-Babbling and laughing all of the time!
-Drooling and blowing spit bubbles a lot, and constantly putting his hands in his mouth, and anything else he can get to his mouth.
-He is really starting to be able to grab things. The other day he had his hat on while he was in his car seat. He reached up and grabbed it off himself!
-He is still a great sleeper! 11 hours a night!!!!!
-Really working hard on holding his head up. He is doing so good and getting so strong.

Leyton and Daddy
Doing so good holding his head up! First time in the Bumbo seat!!!

His favorite place, the changing table

He loves to be naked!!!!!

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  1. oh madelyn..he is soooooo precious!!! i could just eat him up!!! so glad to see he is doing so well!! holden STILL likes to be naked...must be the man in them!! take care! :)