Sunday, April 26, 2009

Updates... FINALLY!

Okay... so I have been out of the blogging world for a while! I have just been so busy lately that I have not had a chance to sit down and update. With turkey season and planting, I have been a single mom the last few weeks! Leyton turned 4 months old on April 8th. I cant believe it, and now this month is almost gone! He is rolling over like crazy, and he never stays in the same position anymore! Every morning that I go into his room, he is at the opposite end of the bed and rolled over on his stomach. He is still sleeping great at night, but naps are getting a little tougher. He has started taking lots of mini naps instead of good 2 hour naps... we really need to work on getting him back to long naps! He just does not want to miss anything these days. We have tried rice cereal now, and Leyton is not too crazy about it. I cant blame him because I tasted it, and it really is not good! However, I am going to add a little banana to it next time and see how that goes. I have been trying to spoon feed it to him at night, but i might try in the mornings when he is in a good mood and really hungry. Maybe that will work better!

Also, he is getting so mobile! He is now getting up on his knees and pushing off with his feet to move around! I have a feeling this little man may be an early crawler!!!! He is trying super hard. I put him in his swing the other night, and he about bucked himself out of it, just twisting and turning and pushing. I am going to have to keep a close eye on this little man from now on!!! Well, that is it for now! I will be blogging again soon because Leyton will soon be 5 months old (WOW)!!!

Juke Joint Festival.... It was bright out there!

First time eating rice cereal...
He is not a big fan of it!

Playing with our car the Easter bunny brought us

A little tummy time

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