Sunday, August 16, 2009

Leyton's on the Move!!

Leyton has been trying to crawl for so long now... and he is on the move! Today was like any other day, getting on all 4's and rocking back and forth, getting tired and then stopping and scooting backwards. Well, all of a sudden, I look down at him, and he is on all 4's but he put one knee forward, and then the other and made some movement, FORWARDS!!!!! He only got a couple of "steps" in there before he fell, but he did it!!! And ever since then, he is moving. It is not a "full out crawl" just yet, but he is going..... sometimes he just puts his behind up real high in the air and pushes really hard with his feet and leaps forward. It is so cute to watch!!! I put him over by his changing table today with a book, and I left the room for about a minute. I came back in and he is almost on the other side of the room getting into all of his books. It is so much fun watching him move around, but i have a feeling once he gets the crawl perfected, he is going to be so fast. I am going to try to enjoy the little bit of time i have before he gets that way!!!

Here are just a few pics from this week.

This is after breakfast the other day. He had prunes and apples with
his cereal and made an absolute mess,
but it was so cute!

Leyton "riding" his little tractor, with a little
help from Joyce.
He loves this thing!!

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