Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Thanksgiving

Leyton had his first Thanksgiving this year! It sure was a great Thanksgiving. With the scare we had with Jason, and then getting the good news that he had an infection and not a brain tumor (we got the good news the night before Thanksgiving), made for a very thankful day!!! We had Thanksgiving lunch at my cousin Chris's house this year. We had so much good food! And Leyton had a great time!! He loved turkey and mashed potatoes. He also loved playing on Chris's pool table. He would chase the balls all over the table and throw them in the pockets.

We went over to Madge's house that night to have some snack food and visit with the Marleys. Minette and Bo came in town with their 3 girls. Leyton is about 2 months older than Reed, so they got to play and share food a little bit.

Leyton and Reed
Playing on the pool table

Leyton and GG

This is his first time in his forward facing car seat! He
likes it so much better!

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