Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Leyton's First Birthday!!!!

I really cannot believe that my little boy turned 1 year old on December 8th!!! It seems like we were just in the hospital having him, but then again, I really cannot remember what life was like before we had him. We celebrated Leyton turning 1 with a family supper. All of our families came, along with Leyton's Godparents (DD, Lewis, Hunt & Gaines, and Brennan and Mary Grace). Mary Grace was sweet enough to take a ton of pictures of Leyton at his party, but I have not downloaded them to our computer yet, so I just have a few that I snapped along the way. Leyton had a great time, and he got so so so much stuff!!!

Our family

Digging into his gifts

Enjoying his own cake and ice cream!!

Eating with DD. I tried to keep his party hat
on him, but he would not leave
it on for long.

Leyton's mini cake just for him!

The big cake for everyone else

Leyton and his cousin, Grafton, playing at the party

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